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Kynect is the evolution of 7 years of learnings and countless iterations. A SaaS platform that helps to amplify sales, grow your customer-communities and report on every process in between. As an API driven engine, Kynect lets you navigate all aspects of your loyalty-program both easily and efficiently.

Built for

01 - Customers that come back
Are you ready to onboard, engage, communicate, enrich and delight your audiences?

Create your unique!
02 - Streamlined tactics
Work with our team to deliver the skin and the framework as to how you wish to reward your customers.

We'll deliver it!
03 - Incrementality & frequency
Set gamified targets and milestones for your customers to achieve. Remind and encourage those who are valuable to you 🙂

Delivering, different!
04 - Grow your best audience
Elevate your audience engagement, by attracting fresh customers bases through tailored loyalty incentives. You decide, your deals.
05 - Limitless creation,
with white-label tech.
Unleash endless innovation with white-label technology, empowering your brand to craft unique experiences without boundaries.
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Smart, satisfying &

Your program = your choice - Capture and report on every engagement. Full statistics from tiered based rewards to personalised offers - Kynect has you covered.

It’s simple to kynect.

Tailored doesn't mean expensive!

Single Platform Ease

One central login with easy navigation through to your chosen modules

Personalised to suit

Your brand is at the centre of your proposition. We gear you to effectively market and reach new audiences.

Everyday relevance

Keeping your content fresh and targeted are core ingredients for building trust and ultimately, adoption.

Integrated content

Compliment your own products and services by immediately adding our marketplace solutions to your loyalty program.

Audience agnostic

Via our direct brand partners, let Kynect build and/or tender seasonal catalogues of products to suit your customers

Profit together

Manage all aspects of your marketplace, from customer service through to delivery, nothing gets missed. Risk removed!

Further your customers loyalty

With Kynect-Stamps, you as the business can determine what a loyal customer means to you. Currently, fully customisable. Ie This can be reset at the start of each season utilising these two key drivers;

1. The number of visitations in a period of time, and/or;

2. The minimum spend on each tracked visit. Noting, that different venues are more popular, season to season.
Through our integrated card linked software we can seamlessly record and update all stakeholders within 60 seconds of the purchase/visit event.

Further your customers loyalty

We’ve all had a coffee stamp card before - now with Kynect it goes much further. With Kynect Stamps you can set individual rewards cards for increased customer loyalty. The we see individual you can group, bespoke personalise or globally offer dependant on the customer base you are wanting to attract.

Recruit, reward & retain

Boost retention and engagement with our employee, member and customer rewards. In a world where we all want & expect more, Kynect enables businesses to go that extra mile by seamlessly including tailored recognition and appreciation – leading to world-class staff-perks and customer activation.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) made simple.

Bulk Buys

Unique and exclusive to Kynect, we can run simultaneous time-bound campaigns across multiple loyalty programs. Enabling broader audiences to secure the smartest discounts for all that participate.


Leveraging our direct brand relationships, we can offer increased cashback percentages within our closed-looped communities – your users. Increased savings without comprising the genuine value of a product or service offer.

Card Linking

With over 5 years of building proprietary tools under our belt, we support everything from building offers, through to seamless tracking. We are now ready to surprise and delight both merchants and customers alike. Kynect now.

Tomorrow never comes...

Kynect with us today for more
customers & revenue 🙂

Amplify your
business for success.

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