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We whole-heartedly support businesses that want to make positive change. From increasing visitations through to maximising engagement, Kynect has developed a business marketplace that allows you to attract, reward and retain loyal customers.
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From work rewards to rewards that work.

Maximise your sales potential by defining what a loyal customer means to you. Leverage automation and celebrate success with your team.

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Empowering commerce.

Loyalty brings engagement

Every business operates differently. Kynect provides you with the tools to deliver tailored messages and positive interactions. Using transactional data and frequency of spend to suggest new experiences – relevant and ready!

Smart Dashboards

We believe tech should be palatable – gone are the over-the-top dashboards you need a science degree to understand. We design and intuitively display those metrics that matter to you and your team.

Market your way

Create memorable campaigns, stay relevant as you progressively enlist a growing base of avid followers.
Kynect also enables you to ‘tag’ customers into one to many groups to help you further tailor and segment your comms.

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