Unlock what's possible and deliver what's next, today!

Unlock what's possible and deliver what's next, today!


Supercharge your user engagement

Unify your workplace, staff growth, and communication, alongside exclusive savings and benefits, all within a single powerful app. Kynect simplifies and streamlines your workflow into one central hub.

+ Manage all admin and promote exclusive offers in one place

+ Reward your best customers, via exclusive cashback or card-linked offers

+ Attract top-talent in your area, when you need new staff

+ Access exclusive offers for you and your staff as perks

Further your customers loyalty

We’ve all had a coffee stamp card before - now with Kynect it goes much further. With Kynect Stamps you can set individual rewards cards for increased customer loyalty. The we see individual you can group, bespoke personalise or globally offer dependant on the customer base you are wanting to attract.

So what can Kynect do for you

More bums on seats

Through suggestive automation or via paid promotion we can directly increase your bookings and patronage.

Attract top talent

Through our partnership with Student Edge, post available roles within minutes to reach validated and available staff within seconds.

Bird’s eye view

Through our integrated roles and responsibilities, view all announcements, requests and challenges across your business as they happen.

Recruit the right talent into your team

Kynect’s direct partnership and integration with Xref, ensures pre-validated candidates are matched to your open and preferred positions. Meaning you will have access to recruit, and retain, the right people every time.

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Up your culture &

Set KPIs, seamlessly initiate the ability to capture feedback, create an inclusive and open culture through our available communication channels.

Share available roles across ALL of your teams, reward and incentivise them to share it to their personal networks.

Presentation is crucial

Just how you would present a signature dish to one of your most valued customers - your communication and promotions need to reflect that same attention to detail.

Kynect integrates with Klaviyo to bring top-tier marketing automation to your followers' fingertips. The platform will guide you through designing and identifying the right moments for alerts. Everything from filling your venue on a quiet-trade day, to a heartfelt thank you!

From the moment of your onboarding, you’ll have pre-configured default communications to get you up and running. PLUS we’ll provide basic training so you can control your own journey from there…

Kynect partners with Xref to simplify your talent journey and make confident, people-focused decisions.

Tomorrow never comes...

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